US 48 Star Flag

The US Army in the
Second World War

Third Reich War Flag Japan Imperial Army War Flag
Italy Imperial flag
Dedicated to the Memory of these members of the Greatest Generation:
Herbert Ackerman
MSG Francis Adrian
Paul R. Bartels - (POW)
Walter L. Bartels
Norbert Brake
SSG H.A. Darr
CPT John J. David, MD
TSG Robert Dietrich
SSG "Sonny" Dietrich
Capt. Ray Fugina
William Goldtrap - (OPH)
CPO Francis Kartman
Herbert Kirschbaum
James Kluesner
Clarence Koppen
Ferdinand Koppen -
  (Pearl Harbor Survivor)
PFC Maynard Koppen
Wayne Koppen
PFC Carl Lau
MAJ Charles Lau
James Mellon
H.D. Morley
Francis Reardon
Arnold Schmidt
Edwin Scholl -
  (Normandy Survivor)
Alfred Schwers - (KIA)
Clarence Schwers
Julius Schwers - (KIA)
James Seipp
SSG Ed Stempky
Maurice Unterscheidt
Robert Vogt
Gerald Zenz
Paul Zimmerman
    & "Snuffy" Smith
Massive Daylight Raid of American B-17 Bombers over Germany
  A lot of Americans believed that whatever Hitler was doing in Europe and Tojo was doing in the Far East, none of it was any of our business. Let them blow each other to smithereens, we have no worries; not with two great oceans protecting us.

  The tune changed quickly with the surprise attack on America's army and naval forces at Pearl Harbor and Oahu, U.S. Territory of Hawaii, on 07 December 1941. Then, the rush was on to enlist; to show those goose-stepping goons just what it meant to sucker-punch ole Uncle Sam. Out of the farms and cities across America came the folks to comprise the largest, strongest, fastest, smartest, most well equipped and supplied Army this world had ever known. Sixteen million of them! (of a population of just 132 million)

  The sleeping giant was awake and filled with a terrible resolve; "Remember Pearl Harbor!"

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  6. Insignia Placement
  7. Army Uniform Poster 1
  8. Army Uniform Poster 2
  9. Army Uniform Poster 3
  10. Army Uniform Poster 4


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American Campaign MedalAsiatic-Pacific Campaign MedalEuropean-African-Middle Eastern Campaign MedalVictory Medal, World War IIArmy of Occupation of Germany and Japan Medal



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