The Cadet Chapel, Dedicated 1910
Duty... Honor ... Country
United States Military Academy
United States Corps of Cadets
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Monument

Fourth Class Cadets were Privates and wore no insignia of rank,
but were "Recognized" after spring break and were eligible to
wear the gold Army Officers' U.S. lapel insignia in place of rank.
Third Class Cadets were Corporals;
Second Class Cadets were Sergeants and Sergeants Major; and
First Class Cadets were Officers.

Cadet Sleeve Insignia Circa the 1960's through 2001

Cadet Collar Insignia

Cadet Service Stripes
Sleeve Cuffs

USMA Distinctive Unit Insignia
Third Class  Second Class  First Class

Faculty & Staff

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