US Army Units - Somalia

Only battalion-size and larger.

HQ-Central Command

Special Operations Command Central
Joint Task Force SOMALIA
Task Force RANGER
160th Spec Ops Avn Rgt
16th Spec Ops Wing

75th Ranger Rgt
  3d Battalion
1st Special Forces Group
Operational Detachment-Delta

10th Mountain Division
1st Brigade
1st Bn, 22d Infantry
2d Bn, 22d Infantry
1st Bn, 64th Armor
2d Bn, 15th Aviation
ODB 590
2d Brigade
2d Bn, 14th Infantry
3d Bn, 14th Infantry
2d Bn, 87th Infantry
3d Sqdn, 17th Cavalry
4th Bn, 227th Aviation (1st Cav Div)
Aviation Brigade
4th Bn, 4th Aviation
2d Bn, 10th Aviation
2d Bn, 25th Aviation

3d Bn, 25th Aviation

Division Artillery
2d Bn, 7th Field Artillery
3d Bn, 62d Air Defense Arty
41st Engineer Bn
43d Engineer Bn
110th Military Intelligence Bn
10th Signal Bn
63d Signal Bn
10th Fwd Support Bn
46th Fwd Support Bn
210th Support Bn (Fwd)
710th Support Bn (Main)

11th MEU (SOC)
13th MEU (SOC)
22d MEU (SOC)
24th MEU (SOC)
3rd AAV Bn, 1st MAR DIV
1st Bn, 7th Marines
3d Bn, 7th Marines
1st Bn, 9th Marines
2d Bn, 9th Marines
1st Lt Armor Recon BLT

13th Corps Support Cmd
33d Finance Bn
553d Corps Support Bn
561st Corps Support Bn

30th Naval Construction Rgt
- Naval Mobile Construction Bn 1
- Naval Mobile Construction Bn 40

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