US 28-star flag The US Army in
the War with Mexico
Mexican flag 1823-64
Dedicated in Memory of
John H. Sneclode
Co. F / 1st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Rgt., War with Mexico

 1821 - Mexico Declared its Independence from Spain and became a Monarchy;
   Agustin de Iturbide
(El Libertador) Emperor of Mexico.
- Mexican Government permitted Stephen F. Austin to Colonize Texas.
 1822 - Mexican Monarchy overthrown by Generals Victoria and Santa Anna.
 1823 - General Guadalupe Victoria became First Elected President of Mexico.
 1824 - Mexico became a Republic.
 1828 - President Victoria overthrown by Generals Guerrero, de Zavala, and Santa Anna.
- General Vincente Guerrero assumed Presidential power in Mexico.
 1830 - President Guerrero overthrown and executed by Vice President Bustamante.
   Anastasio Bustamante y Oseguera assumed Presidential power in Mexico.
 1832 - President Bustamante overthrown by Rebel Army led by Generals Pedraza and Santa Anna.
   General Manuel Gómez Pedraza assumed Presidential power in Mexico.
 1833 - President Pedraza ousted by the Congress of Mexico, which elected
   General Antonio López de Santa Anna as President of Mexico.
 1835 - President Santa Anna dissolved the Congress of Mexico, replaced the 1824 Constitution,
   and centralized power in a Military Dictatorship.
- 11 Mexican States openly rebelled.

- The Republics of the Rio Grande, Yucatan, and Texas, Declared their Independence from Mexico.
 1836 - Mexican Army, led by President/General Santa Anna, marched up to Texas to crush the Rebellion.
- Texans lost Battles at the Alamo and Goliad.
- Santa Anna was captured by Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. Later released.
 1841 - Antonio López de Santa Anna returned to Presidential power in Mexico.
 1845 - President Santa Anna was overthrown from within;
   General José Joaquín de Herrera assumed Presidential power in Mexico.

- U.S. President John Tyler signed Congressional Resolution to Annex Texas.
- James Polk was Inaugurated next U.S. President; ordered Army and Navy to prepare for War.
- Texans Voted in Favor of U.S. Annexation.
- President Herrera was overthrown from within; 
 1846     General Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga assumed Presidential power in Mexico.
- U.S. Army and Navy moved toward Mexico, lead by General Winfield Scott.
- First skirmish at Rio Grande in April; Mexican cavalry surrounded U.S. scouts and killed many.
- May 13th, U.S. Congress Declared War on Mexico.

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Battle of Churubusco before Mexico City
Churubusco by James Walker
"Churubusco" James Walker, 1848 Mexico



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