US Army Units - Liberation of Kuwait

Only battalion-size and larger.

HQ-Central Command


Third US Army;
Army HQ-Central Command

5th Special Forces Group
22d Support Command
(Theater Army Area)
37th Transportation Group
185th Transportation Bn


VII Armored Corps

1st Armored Div
2d Armored Div
3d Armored Div
1st Infantry Div
1st Armored Div
United Kingdom

3d Bde, 3d Inf Div

4th Bn, 66th Armor
1st Bn, 7th Infantry
4th Bn, 7th Infantry
1st Sq, 1st Cavalry
2d Bn, 41st Field Arty
26th Support Bn (Fwd)

2d Bde, 1st AD
1st Bn, 35th Armor
2d Bn, 70th Armor
4th Bn, 70th Armor
6th Bn, 6th Infantry

3d Bde, 1st AD
3d Bn, 35th Armor
1st Bn, 37th Armor
7th Bn, 6th Infantry

Division Artillery
2d Bn, 1st Field Arty
3d Bn, 1st Field Arty

Aviation Brigade
Task Force PHOENIX
2d Bn, 1st Aviation
3d Bn, 1st Aviation

Div Support Cmd
47th Support Bn
123d Support Bn
125th Fwd Support Bn
6th Bn, 3d ADArty
501st Mil Intel Bn
141st Signal Bn
Tiger Brigade
(Attached to
2d Marine Division)

1st Bde (Ready First)
4th Bn, 32d Armor
3d Bn, 5th Cavalry
5th Bn, 5th Cavalry
2d Bn, 3d Field Arty
503d Fwd Support Bn

4th Bn, 34th Armor (8ID)
2d Bn, 29th Field Arty (8ID)
12th Engineer Bn (8ID)
2d Bde (Iron Brigade)
3d Bn, 8th Cavalry
4th Bn, 8th Cavalry
4th Bn, 18th Infantry
4th Bn, 82d Field Arty
23d Engineer Bn
45th Fwd Support Bn
3d Bde (Thunder Brigade)
2d Bn, 67th Armor
4th Bn, 67th Armor
5th Bn, 18th Infantry
2d Bn, 82d Field Arty
54th Fwd Support Bn
Aviation Brigade
4th Sqdn, 7th Cavalry
2d Bn, 227th Aviation
3d Bn, 227th Aviation
Div Support Cmd
9th Bn, 227th Aviation
122d Support Bn
5th Bn, 3d ADArty
533d Mil Intel Bn
143d Signal Bn
1st Bde, 1st ID
1st Bn, 34th Armor
2d Bn, 34th Armor
5th Bn, 16th Infantry

2d Bde, 1st ID
3d Bn, 37th Armor
4th Bn, 37th Armor
2d Bn, 16th Infantry

3d Bde, 2d Arm Div
2d Bn, 66th Armor
3d Bn, 66th Armor
1st Bn, 41st Infantry
4th Bn, 3d Field Arty
498th Support Bn (Fwd)

Division Artillery
1st Bn, 5th Field Arty
4th Bn, 5th Field Arty

Aviation Brigade
1st Bn, 1st Aviation
4th Bn, 1st Aviation
1st Sq, 4th Cavalry

Div Support Cmd
101st Support Bn
201st Support Bn
701st Support Bn
2d Bn, 3d ADArty
1st Engineer Bn
101st Mil Intel Bn
121st Signal Bn

9th Eng Bn,17th Eng Bde
3d Bn, 34th Armor
4th Bn, 16th Infantry

4th Armored Bde
14/20 King's Hussars
1st Royal Scots Inf
3d Royal Fusiliers Inf
23d Rgt, Royal Engineers
2d Field Arty Rgt

7th Armored Bde
R. Scots Dragoon Guards
Queen's R. Irish Hussars
1st Staffordshire Inf
39th Rgt, Royal Engineers
40th Field Arty Rgt

Division Troops:
16/5 Q.R. Lancers Recon
4th Army Air Rgt
29th Hvy Arty Rgt
32d Hvy Arty Rgt
12th Air Defence Rgt
32d Rgt, Royal Engineers

EPW Infantry Bn's:
1st Coldstream Guards
Royal Highland Fusiliers
K.O. Scottish Borderers

2d Corps
Support Command

Corps Assets:
2d Armored Cavalry
11th Aviation Bde
72d Field Arty Bde
142d Field Arty Bde
210th Field Arty Bde
8/43d Air Defence (UK)
7th Engineer Bde
14th Mil Police Bde
93d Signal Bde
207th Mil Intel Bde
7th Personnel Group
7th Finance Group

XVIII Airborne Corps

82d Airborne Div
101st Airborne Div
(Air Assault)
1st Cavalry Div
24th Infantry Div
6th Lt Armored Div
1st Brigade
1st Bn, 504th Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 504th Inf (A/B)
3d Bn, 504th Inf (A/B)
2d Brigade
1st Bn, 325th Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 325th Inf (A/B)
4th Bn, 325th Inf (A/B)
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 505th Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 505th Inf (A/B)
3d Bn, 505th Inf (A/B)
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 319th Field Arty
2d Bn, 319th Field Arty
3d Bn, 319th Field Arty
Aviation Brigade
1st Bn, 82d Aviation
2d Bn, 82d Aviation
Div Support Cmd
307th Medical Bn
407th Supp/Trans Bn
782d Maintenance Bn (A/B)
3d Bn, 4th ADArty (A/B)
3d Bn, 73d Armor
307th Engineer Bn
313th Mil Intel Bn
82d Signal Bn (A/B)

1st Brigade
1st Bn, 327th Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 327th Inf 
3d Bn, 327th Inf (A/B)
2d Brigade
1st Bn, 502d Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 502d Inf (A/B)
3d Bn, 502d Inf (A/B)
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 187th Inf (A/B)
2d Bn, 187th Inf (A/B)
3d Bn, 187th Inf (A/B)
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 320th Field Arty
2d Bn, 320th Field Arty
3d Bn, 320th Field Arty
Aviation Brigade
1st Bn, 101st Aviation
3d Bn, 101st Aviation
4th Bn, 101st Aviation
5th Bn, 101st Aviation
6th Bn, 101st Aviation
7th Bn, 101st Aviation
9th Bn, 101st Aviation
2d Bn, 229th Aviation
2d Sq, 17th Cavalry
Div Support Cmd
326th Medical Bn
8th Bn, 101st A
426th Supp/Trans Bn
801st Maintenance Bn
2d Bn, 44th ADArty
326th Engineer Bn
311th Mil Intel Bn
501st Signal Bn
1st Brigade
3d Bn, 32d Armor
2d Bn, 5th Cavalry
2d Bn, 8th Cavalry
2d Brigade
1st Bn, 32d Armor
1st Bn, 5th Cavalry
1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 82d Field Arty
3d Bn, 82d Field Arty
Cavalry Brigade
1st Bn, 3d Aviation
1st Bn, 227th Aviation
Div Support Cmd
15th Support Bn
27th Support Bn
115th Support Bn
4th Bn, 5th ADArty
8th Engineer Bn
312th Mil Intel Bn
13th Signal Bn
1st Brigade
2d Bn, 7th Infantry
2d Bn, 4th Cavalry
4th Bn, 64th Armor
2d Brigade-
197th Infantry Bde

1st Bn, 18th Infantry
3d Bn, 15th Infantry
1st Bn, 64th Armor
3d Bn, 69th Armor
2d Bn, 4th Cavalry
4th Bn, 4th Cavalry

41st Field Arty Bde

212th Field Arty Bde

1st F. Legion Armored Rgt
1st Rgt de Spahis
2d F. Legion Infantry Rgt
21st Marine Infantry Rgt
6th F. Legion Engineer Rgt
68th Marine Artilleryy Rgt

4th Dragoon Rgt,
  10th Armord Div (France)
2d Marine Infantry Rgt,
  9th Marine Div
11th Marine Artillery Rgt,
  9th Marine Div
5th Combat Helicopter Rgt,
  4th Airmobile Div
1st Transp Helicopter Rgt,
  4th Airmobile Div
1st Infantry Rgt (Airmobile),
  4th Airmobile Div

1st Corps
Support Command
46th Corps Support Group (Airborne)
189th Support Bn (A/B)
264th Support Bn (A/B)

Corps Assets:

11th ADArty Bde
12th Aviation Bde
18th Airborne Arty Bde
75th Field Arty Bde
196th Field Arty Bde
212th Field Arty Bde
214th Field Arty Bde
20th Engineer Bde
16th Mil Police Bde
89th Mil Police Bde
800th Mil Police Bde


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