US Army Units - Liberation of Iraq

Only battalion-size and larger.

HQ-Central Command

Special Operations Command Central

720th Special Tactics Group
24th Special Tactics Sqdn
160th Special Operations Aviation

75th Ranger Rgt
1st Battalion
3d Battalion

5th Special Forces Group

Third US Army;
Army HQ-Central Command

2d Bn, 43d Air Defense Artillery
5th Bn, 52d Air Defense Artillery
7th Sqdn, 6th Cavalry
402d Civil Affairs Bn
1st Bn, 124th Infantry
2d Bn, 124th Infantry
3d Bn, 124th Infantry
1st Bn, 152d Infantry
1st Bn, 179th Infantry
1st Bn, 293d Infantry
201st Military Intelligence Bn
203d Military Intelligence Bn
325th Military Intelligence Bn
1st Space Bn
6th Transportation Bn
24th Transportation Bn
  3d Medical Cmd
4th Psy Ops Group
800th Mil Police Bde
3d Personnel Cmd
PATRIOT Task Force
204th ATS Group
ARCENT-Saudi Arabia

416th Engineer Cmd
122d Engineer Bn
21st Theater Support Cmd
51st Maintenance Bn
377th Theater Support Cmd
43d Area Support Group
68th Corps Support Bn
335th Theater Signal Cmd
63d Signal Bn
151st Signal Bn
11th Signal Bde
54th Signal Bn
86th Signal Bn

V Corps

1st Armored Div
3d Infantry Div
4th Infantry Div
10th Mountain Div
101st Airborne Div
(Air Assault)
2d Bde Cbt Team
1st Bn, 35th Armor
1st Bn, 6th Infantry
2d Bn, 6th Infantry
4th Bn, 27th Field Arty
1st Bn, 94th Field Arty
40th Engineer Bn
47th Fwd Support Bn

3d Bde Cbt Team
1st Bn, 13th Armor
2d Bn, 70th Armor
1st Bn, 41st Infantry
1st Sq, 1st Cavalry
4th Bn, 1st Field Arty
70th Engineer Bn
125th Support Bn (Fwd)

1st Brigade
2d Bn, 7th Infantry
3d Bn, 7th Infantry
3d Bn, 69th Armor
2d Brigade
3d Bn, 15th Infantry
1st Bn, 64th Armor
4th Bn, 64th Armor
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 30th Infantry
1st Bn, 15th Infantry
2d Bn, 69th Armor
Aviation Brigade
1st Bn, 3d Aviation
2d Bn, 3d Aviation
3d Sq, 7th Cavalry
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 9th Field Arty
1st Bn, 10th Field Arty
1st Bn, 41st Field Arty
1st Bn, 39th Field Arty
Engineer Brigade
10th Engineer Bn
11th Engineer Bn
317th Engineer Bn
22d Signal Brigade
17th Signal Bn
32d Signal Bn
440th Signal Bn
1st Bn, 3d ADArty
123d Signal Bn
103d Mil Intel Bn
3d Fwd Support Bn
26th Fwd Support Bn
203d Fwd Support Bn
603d Avn Support Bn
703d Main Support Bn
24th Corps Sppt Gp
3d Soldier Support Bn
87th Corps Support Bn
92d Engineer Combat Bn
260th Quartermaster Bn
559th Quartermaster Bn
1st Brigade
1st Bn, 22d Infantry
1st Bn, 66th Armor
3d Bn, 66th Armor
299th Engineers
2d Brigade
2d Bn, 8th Infantry
1st Bn, 67th Armor
3d Bn, 67th Armor
588th Engineers
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 8th Infantry
1st Bn, 12th Infantry
1st Bn, 68th Armor
4th Engineers
Aviation Brigade
1st Bn, 4th Aviation
2d Bn, 4th Aviation
1st Bn, 10th Cavalry
Division Artillery
3d Bn, 16th Field Arty
2d Bn, 20th Field Arty
3d Bn, 29th Field Arty
4th Bn, 42d Field Arty
1st Bn, 44th ADArty
124th Signal Bn
104th Mil Intel Bn
4th Fwd Support Bn
64th Fwd Support Bn
204th Fwd Support Bn
404th Fwd Support Bn
704th Fwd Support Bn


555th Engineer Cbt Gp
5th  Engineer Combat Bn
14th Engineer Combat Bn
13th Corps Support Cmd

2d Bn, 14th Infantry
2d Bn, 15th Field Arty
10th Mil Police Bn

1st Brigade
1st Bn, 327th Infantry
2d Bn,
327th Infantry
3d Bn, 327th Infantry
2d Brigade
1st Bn, 502d Infantry
2d Bn, 502d Infantry
3d Bn, 502d Infantry
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 187th Infantry
2d Bn, 187th Infantry
3d Bn, 187th Infantry
101st Aviation Brigade
2d Bn, 17th Cavalry
1st Bn, 101st Aviation
2d Bn,
101st Aviation
3d Bn, 101st Aviation
6th Bn, 101st Aviation
159th Aviation Brigade
4th Bn, 101st Aviation
5th Bn, 101st Aviation
7th Bn, 101st Aviation
9th Bn, 101st Aviation
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 320th Field Arty
2d Bn,
320th Field Arty
3d Bn, 320th Field Arty
2d Bn, 44th ADArty
8th Bn, 101st Aviation
326th Engineer Bn
86th Cbt Sppt Hospital
501st Signal Bn
311th Mil Intel Bn
426th Fwd Support Bn
526th Fwd Support Bn
626th Fwd Support Bn
801st Main Support Bn

1st Cavalry Div

Corps Assets:
1st Infantry Div 25th Infantry Div
1st Brigade
2d Bn, 5th Cavalry
2d Bn, 8th Cavalry
1st Bn, 12th Cavalry
2d Brigade
1st Bn, 5th Cavalry
1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
2d Bn, 12th Cavalry
3d Brigade
1st Bn, 9th Cavalry
3d Bn, 8th Cavalry
2d Bn, 7th Cavalry
4th Brigade
1st Bn, 7th Cavalry
1st Bn, 227th Aviation
2d Bn, 227th Aviation
Division Artillery
1st Bn, 21st Field Arty
1st Bn, 82d Field Arty
2d Bn, 82d Field Arty
3d Bn, 82d Field Arty
Engineer Brigade
8th Engineer Bn
20th Engineer Bn
91st Engineer Bn
4th Bn, 5th ADArty
478th Civil Affairs Bn
13th Signal Bn
312th Mil Intel Bn
15th Fwd Support Bn
27th Main Support Bn
115th Fwd Support Bn
215th Fwd Support Bn
515th Fwd Support Bn
615th Avn Support Bn

39th Bde Cbt Team

69th ADArtillery Bde
7th ADArtillery Bn

11th Aviation Bde

2d Sqdn, 6th Cavalry
3d Bn, 58th Aviation
3d Bn, 158th Aviation
5th Bn, 158th Aviation
7th Bn, 159th Aviation
1st Bn, 227th Aviation

18th Aviation Bde

358th Civil Affairs Bde

130th Engineer Bde
864th Engineer Bn

30th Medical Bde

44th Medical Bde

205th Mil Intel Bde

18th Mil Police Bde

709th Mil Police Bn

1st Corps Support Cmd

13th Corps Support Cmd

18th Soldier Support Grp

XVIII A/B Corps Arty

2d Bn, 4th Field Arty
1st Bn, 14th Field Arty

1st Bn, 16th Infantry
1st Bn, 26th Infantry
121st Signal Bn
701st Maint Support Bn

3d Brigade

(w/173d Airborne Bde)
1st Bn, 63d Armor
2d Bn, 2d Infantry
1st Bn, 6th Field Arty
201st Fwd Support B
2d Brigade Combat Team
1st Bn, 14th Infantry
1st Bn, 21st Infantry
1st Bn, 27th Infantry
1st Bn, 62d ADArty
2d Bn, 11th Field Arty
65th Engineer Bn
125th Mil Intel Bn
556th Pers Svc Bn
125th Signal Bn
225th Fwd Support Bn

82d Airborne Div 173d Airborne Bde 2d Armored Cavalry 3d Armored Cavalry 3d Corps Sppt Cmd
2d Bde Cbt Team
1st Bn, 325th Inf (Airborne)
2d Bn, 325th Inf (Airborne)
4th Bn, 325th Inf (Airborne)
1st Bn, 82d Aviation
307th Engineer Bn
313th Mil Intel Bn
407th Fwd Support Bn
1st Bn, 508th Inf (Airborne)
2d Bn, 503d Inf (Airborne)

3d Bn, 319th FArty (Airborne)
1st Squadron
2d Squadron
3d Squadron
4th Squadron
Support Squadron
1st Squadron
2d Squadron
3d Squadron
4th Squadron
Support Squadron

19th Corps Materiel Mgt Ctr
7th Corps Support Group
181st Transportation Bn
16th Corps Support Group
485th Corps Support Bn

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