Third CSA National flag - Bloodied Banner

The CS Marine Corps
in the Civil War

CSN Jack

Enlisted Marines

CSMC Enlisted Cap Badge

Cap Badge

CSMC chevrons Grades 1 - 4


CSMC chevrons Grades 5 - 7






Enlisted Marines
Field Grade Officers

Marine Officers

Company Grade Officers

CSMC Company Grade Officers collars + cuffs

Company Grade
Shoulder Knot

Company Grade Officer Shoulder Knot


Field Grade Officers

CSMC Field Grade Officers collars + cuffs

Field Grade
Shoulder Knot

Field Grade Officer Shoulder Knot

Confederate States Marine Corps
Confederate States Navy

Shipboard setting; left to right:

CSMC Private

CSMC Lieutenant

CSMC Corporal

CSN Seaman

CSN Petty Officer

Painting - CSN + CSMC


Copyright (c) RWD Ploessl

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