The Civil War Era/CSA

Practical Caps

  In actuality, few Blue forage caps were worn. The Union uniform was Dark Blue, with Blue forage caps, and mistakes can easily happen in the heat and smoke of battle. Caps of branch color, if owned, were saved for dress ocassions. The bright colors turned out to be targets too well seen in the field. The gold braids up the sides and around the cap were also too great an indicator of leadership at rifle-range.

  Most officers and men wore unadorned forage caps or wide-brimmed 'slouch' hats against the southern sun. Gray was the prefered color, but any color at hand would suffice. A band of the branch color was sometimes worn around the base of the forage cap.


Gray Cap with general service

Gray Cap with Artillery side-buttons
and Red Band

Gray Cap with Cavalry side-buttons
and Yellow Band

Gray Cap with Infantry side-buttons
and Sky-Blue Band



  Some staff officers developed specialized cap insignia for themselves. Here are three examples:

Chaplains' Cap Badge
Signal Officers' Cap Badge
Medical Services Officers' Cap Badge



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