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  The forage cap or 'kepi' was the basic headdress for the Confederate States Army. The 1861 C.S. Army Dress Regulations and General Order Number 4, of 1862, directed that the color of the caps for:

      • General Officers and Staff Officers was to be "... Dark-Blue, with four quatrefoils on top ...".

  Officers of the Combat Arms, of course, would wear caps of their own branch color:

      • Artillery = Red

      • Cavalry = Yellow

      • Infantry = Sky-Blue

      • Officers of the Ordnance Bureau, all being Artillery officers, were also authorized Red.



  Generals were to wear four gold braids running up the front, back, and sides. Field Grade Officers were to wear three such gold braids; Captains, two; and Lieutenants, one. Enlistedmen were to wear the plain forage cap.


Regulation Caps


Enlistedmen of Artillery

Lieutenants of Artillery
or Ordnance Bureau

Captains of Artillery
or Ordnance Bureau

Field Grade Officers of Artillery
or Ordnance Bureau


Enlistedmen of Cavalry

Lieutenants of Cavalry

Captain of Cavalry

Field Grade Officers of Cavalry


Enlistedmen of Infantry

Lieutenants of Infantry

Captain of Infantry

Field Grade Officers of Infantry


Enlistedmen of Staff Dept.'s

Lieutenants of Staff Dept.'s

Captain of Staff Dept.'s

Field Grade Officers of Staff


General Officers


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