Colonial Grand Union Flag

  Flag of the King of France - 13,000 men

The Continental Army
in the
Revolutionary War

US Betsy Ross Flag
Flag of the King of Great Britain - 30,000 men

Flag of the Imperial Prince of Hesse-Kassel - 16,992 men

Flag of the Duke of Braunschweig - 5,723 men
Flag of the Imperial Marquess of Anspach-Bayreuth - 2,553 men
Flag of the Earl of Hesse-Hanau - 2,422 men
Flag of the Prince of Waldeck - 1,225 men
Flag of the Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst - 1,152 men
[Dedicated in memory of Feldwebel Johannes Seipp, Landgrafschaft Hessen-Kassel]

   In 1775, there were not enough uniforms for the Continental Army to distinguish the officers from their men.
The Continental Congress tried to standardize a uniform of brown, but without any authority to raise money this was easier said than done. Officers wore remnants of old military dress, with no thought given to similarity of color. The enlisted men wore their working or hunting clothes. Many had no coat or shoes and wore handkerchiefs for hats.

   When Gen. George Washington took command of the Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, he was obliged to develop badges in order that rank would be indicated at sight.

  1. Insignia of Rank-Early War Era / 1775
    Uniforms of The Continental Navy
    Uniforms of The Continental Marines
  2. Insignia of Rank-Later War Era / 1779
    Uniform of The Artillery Officer
  3. Insignia of Rank-Later War Era / 1780-82
  4. Watercolor Painting-Independent Organizations
  5. Watercolor Painting-Miscellaneous Organizations
  6. Watercolor Painting-Continental Army
U.S. Army poster-Battle of Guiliford Courthouse
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