Shoulder/Sleeve Insignia  - Cold War Era-Europe
Battalion and larger units.


HQ-US European


US Army-Europe

US Army

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US Army

Ammo Depot

Nancy Gen Depot

Toul Engr Depot

Saran Army Air Fld

1st Signal Grp

11th Terminal Cmd

US Army
Petroleum Dist


4th Signal Grp

22d Signal Grp
68th Signal Bn
72d Signal Bn
102d Signal Bn

106th Signal Grp
447th Signal Bn

516th Signal Grp

Army Signal Ctr

Comd & Con Bn
US Army
Southern European
Task Force

1st Missile Cmd
5th Bn, 30th FArty (SGT)
543d Fld Arty Maint Bn

8th Logistical Cmd

559th USAAG
Berlin Brigade

2d Bn, 6th Infantry

3d Bn, 6th Infantry
4th Bn, 18th Infantry
3d Bn, 19th Infantry

2d Bn, 40th Armor

279th Station Hosp

6941st Labor Svc Ctr

10th Special Forces
Group (ABN),
1st Special Forces

Special Troops

32d Artillery
Brigade (AD)
7th Army Sig Sppt Bn
10th Artillery Group
6th Bn, 59th FArty (H)
6th Bn, 517th FArty (H)
6th Bn, 562d FArty (H)
69th Artillery Group
3d Bn, 7th FArty (H)
6th Bn, 52d FArty (H)
4th Bn, 57th FArty (H)
6th Bn, 60th FArty (H)
6th Bn, 61st FArty (H)
6th Bn, 62d FArty (H)
94th Artillery Group
5th Bn, 1st FArty (NH)
4th Bn, 6th FArty (NH)
5th Bn, 6th FArty (NH)
2d Bn, 56th FArty (NH)
1st Bn, 67th FArty (NH)
3d Bn, 71st FArty (NH)
15th MP Brigade
2d MP Group
709th MP Bn
793d MP Bn
14th MP Group
94th MP Bn
385th MP Bn
66th Counter
Corps Group

513th Military
Intelligence Group
549th Hospital

Artillery Legend
105 = 105 mm Howitzers
155 = 155 mm Howitzers
175 = 175 mm Guns
8" = 8 inch Guns
AD = Air Defense
CPL = Corporal Missiles

H = Hawk Missiles
HJ = Honest John Missiles
NH = Nike-Hercules Missiles
P = Pershing Missiles
SGT = Sergeant Missiles
SP = Self Propelled

Seventh US Army

3d Armd Cavalry
1st Bn, 3d Armor
3d Bn, 3d Armor
56th Field Arty Grp
4th Bn, 41st Fld Arty (P)
1st Bn, 81st Fld Arty (P)
3d Bn, 84th Fld Arty (P)

Pershing Pickle Badge
"Pershing Pickle"
Seventh Army Avn Grp
16th Aviation Bn

1st Replacement Bn

15th Chemical Grp
9th Chemical Bn (GS)
11th Chemical Bn (GS)
6900th Smoke Bn (LS)

11th Cbt Engineer Grp
547th Cbt Engineer Bn
521st Eng Grp (M&S)
555th Cbt Engineer Grp
78th Eng Bn (M, DS)
8594th Eng Grp (LS)

68th Intel Corps Grp
2d MI Bn (Air Recn Sppt)

67th Medical Depot
30th Medical Grp
52d Medical Bn
56th Medical Bn
4th MASH
32d MASH
128th Evac Hosp
31st Medical Grp
34th Medical Bn
36th Medical Bn
5th MASH
31st MASH
7th Evac Hosp
62d Medical Grp
163d Medical Bn
46th MASH
2d Evac Hosp
6th Evac Hosp
15th Evac Hosp
47th Ordnance Grp
71st Ordnance Bn
87th Ordnance Bn
101st Ord Bn (Ammo)
51st Ordnance Grp
8th Ordnance Bn
15th Ord Bn (Ammo)
85th Ordnance Bn
57th Ordnance Grp
19th Ordnance Bn
66th Ordnance Bn
81st Ordnance Bn
84th Ord Bn (Ammo)

2d Quartermaster Grp
35th QM Bn
95th QM Bn
242d QM Bn
6th Quartermaster Grp
14th QM Bn
15th QM Bn
56th QM Bn
308th QM Bn

12th Signal Grp
25th Signal Bn
97th Signal Bn
504th Signal Bn
505th Signal Grp
1st Signal Bn
16th Signal Bn
26th Signal Bn
93d Signal Bn
440th Signal Bn

7th Transport Grp
8th Trans (Task) Bn
41st Trans (AMS) Bn
205th Trans (AMS) Bn
10th Transport Grp
4th Trans (Trk) Bn
Trans (Trk) Bn
38th Trans (Trk) Bn
125th Trans (Trk) Bn
181st Trans (Trk) Bn
29th Trans (MC) Grp

Seventh Army
Aug Readiness Grp

Seventh Army
NCO Academy

Seventh Army
Training Center

Seventh Army
Combined Arms School

US Army
Stock Control Ctr

Seventh Army
V Corps

14th Armored Cavalry
1st Bn, 14th Armor
2d Bn, 14th Armor
3d Bn, 14th Armor
V Corps Artillery
26th Artillery (Target Acq)
36th Artillery Grp
2d Bn, 5th Fld Arty (175) SP
5th Bn, 77th Fld Arty (SGT)
3d Bn, 80th Fld Arty (SGT)
42d Artillery Grp
6th Bn, 9th Fld Arty (175) SP
2d Bn, 18th Fld Arty (8") SP
3d Bn, 79th Fld Arty (HJ) SP
2d Bn, 92d Fld Arty (8") SP
212th Artillery Grp
4th Bn, 18th Fld Arty (155) SP
1st Bn, 32d Fld Arty (HJ) SP
2d Bn, 83d Fld Arty (8") SP

37th Cbt Engineer Grp
54th Combat Eng Bn
317th Combat Eng Bn
32d Signal Bn (Corps)


3d Armored Division 8th Infantry Division

1st Bn, 36th Infantry (Mech)
2d Bn, 36th Infantry (Mech)
3d Bn, 36th Infantry (Mech)
1st Bn, 48th Infantry (Mech)
2d Bn, 48th Infantry (Mech)

1st Bn, 32d Armor
2d Bn, 32d Armor
3d Bn, 32d Armor
1st Bn, 33d Armor
2d Bn, 33d Armor
3d Bn, 33d Armor
3d Sqdn, 12th Armd Cavalry

2d Bn, 3d
Field Arty (155)
2d Bn, 6th Field Arty (155)
2d Bn, 27th Field Arty (155)
6th Bn, 40th Field Arty (155/8")
2d Bn, 73d Field Arty (HJ)

503d Aviation Bn

23d Combat Engineer Bn

122d Maintenance Bn

45th Medical Bn

143d Signal Bn

503d Supply & Trans Bn
1st Bn, 13th Infantry
2d Bn, 13th Infantry
1st Bn, 39th Infantry
1st Bn, 87th Infantry
1st Bn, 509th Inf (ABN/Mech)

1st Bn, 68th Armor
2d Bn, 68th Armor
3d Bn, 68th Armor
5th Bn, 68th Armor
3d Sqdn, 8th Armd Cavalry

1st Bn, 2d
Field Arty (155)
7th Bn, 16th Fld Arty (155/8")
1st Bn, 28th Field Arty (HJ)
5th Bn, 81st Field Arty (155)
5th Bn, 83d Field Arty (155)

8th Aviation Bn

12th Combat Engineer Bn

708th Maintenance Bn

8th Medical Bn

8th Signal Bn

8th Supply & Trans Bn

VII Corps

2d Armored Cavalry
1st Bn, 2d Armor
2d Bn, 2d Armor
3d Bn, 2d Armor
VII Corps Artillery
25th Artillery (Target Acq)
35th Artillery Grp
1st Bn, 36th Fld Arty (8") SP
1st Bn, 75th Fld Arty (8") SP
5th Bn, 73d Fld Arty (SGT)
6th Bn, 10th Fld Arty (175) SP
72d Artillery Grp
3d Bn, 21st Fld Arty (HJ)
3d Bn, 35th Fld Arty (8") SP
2d Bn, 37th Fld Arty (155) SP
3d Bn, 37th Fld Arty (8") SP
210th Artillery Grp
3d Bn, 17th Fld Arty (8") SP
2d Bn, 28th Fld Arty (175) SP
1st Bn, 33d Fld Arty (HJ)
2d Bn, 34th Fld Arty (155) SP
1st Bn, 68th Fld Arty (SGT)

540th Cbt Engineer Grp
9th Combat Engineer Bn
82d Combat Engineer Bn
237th Combat Engineer Bn
34th Signal Bn (Corps)
3d Infantry Division
4th Armored Division 24th Infantry Division 9th Infantry Division
1st Bn, 4th Infantry (Mech)
1st Bn, 7th Inf (Mech)
1st Bn, 15th Inf (Mech)
2d Bn, 15th Inf (Mech)
1st Bn, 30th Inf (Mech)
2d Bn, 30th Inf (Mech)

1st Bn, 64th Armor
2d Bn, 64th Armor
3d Bn, 64th Armor
4th Bn, 64th Armor
3d Sqdn, 7th Armd Cavalry

1st Bn, 9th FArty (HJ)
1st Bn, 10th FArty (155)
2d Bn, 39th FArty (155)
2d Bn, 41st FArty (155)
3d Bn, 76th FArty (155/8")

3d Aviation Bn

10th Combat Engineer Bn

703d Maintenance Bn

3d Medical Bn

123d Signal Bn

3d Supply & Trans Bn

1st Bn, 51st Infantry
2d Bn, 51st Infantry
3d Bn, 51st Infantry
1st Bn, 54th Infantry
2d Bn, 54th Infantry

1st Bn, 35th Armor
3d Bn, 35th Armor
4th Bn, 35th Armor
1st Bn, 37th Armor
2d Bn, 37th Armor
3d Bn, 37th Armor
2d Sqdn, 4th Armd Cavalry

2d Bn, 14th
Field Arty (155)
2d Bn, 16th Field Arty (HJ)
1st Bn, 22d Field Arty (155)
2d Bn, 78th Field Arty (155)
1st Bn, 94th FArty (155/8")

504th Aviation Bn

24th Combat Engineer Bn

126th Maintenance Bn

46th Medical Bn

144th Signal Bn

504th Supply & Trans Bn
1st Bn, 19th Infantry (Mech)
2d Bn, 19th Inf (Mech)
1st Bn, 21st Inf (Mech)
2d Bn, 21st Inf (Mech)
1st Bn, 34th Inf (Mech)
2d Bn, 34th Inf (Mech)

5th Bn, 32d Armor (attached)
1st Bn, 70th Armor
2d Bn, 70th Armor
3d Bn, 70th Armor
2d Sqdn, 9th Armd Cavalry

2d Bn, 7th Field Arty (155)
3d Bn, 11th Field Arty (155/8")
1st Bn, 13th Field Arty (155)
1st Bn, 34th
Field Arty (HJ)
1st Bn, 35th Field Arty (155)

24th Aviation Bn

3d Combat Engineer Bn

724th Maintenance Bn

24th Medical Bn

24th Signal Bn

24th Supply & Trans Bn
2d Bn, 39th Infantry
3d Bn, 39th Infantry
4th Bn, 39th Infantry
2d Bn, 47th
Inf (Mech)
2d Bn, 60th Infantry
5th Bn, 60th
Inf (Mech)

746th Tank Bn
61st Tank Bn  
899th Tank Destroyer Bn
894th Tank Destroyer Bn

3d Sqn, 5th Cavalry

2nd Bn/4th Field Art (105)
1st Bn/11th
Field Art (105)
3rd Bn/34th
Field Art (105)
1st Bn/84th
Field Art (155/8")

9th Aviation Bn

15th Engineer Combat Bn

709th Maintenance Bn

9th Medical Bn

9th Signal Bn

9th Supply & Trans Bn

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