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U.S. ARMY tape - Cold War Era
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Dedicated to Reid W. Peot,
Cold War Veteran

German Democratic Republic
People's Republic of Poland
Mongolian People's Republic
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
People's Republic of Kampuchea
People's Republic of Hungary
Democratic Republic of Vietnam
People's Republic of Bulgaria
Socialist Republic of Romania
People's Republic of Angola
Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Atomic Annie
On 25 May 1953, the Atomic Cannon was tested in Nevada.
The test resulted in the successful detonation of a 15 kilo-ton shell at a range of seven miles.
20 of the cannons were manufactured and deployed to Europe and Korea.


   The Cold War began with the end of the Second World War and the end of trust in the Soviet Union. The Soviets, along with their beleaguered colleagues, strove to crush the United States and the West at all costs.

   The focus of this page is the time-period when the Red Chinese had departed the Soviet fold and took their block of followers with them. France and her colonies and benefactors had deserted the Western Powers and trod along their own path. NATO faced the Warsaw Pact; each on its own side of the Iron Curtain.

   Since the Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1991 and much insignia of that entire period are covered under other categories, illustrated here will be those of around 1965 and centered on the European Command.

  1. Insignia of Rank
  2. Branch Insignia
  3. Shoulder Sleeve Patches
  4. Specialty Badges
  5. Cap Badges
  6. Insignia Placement
  7. US Army Uniform Posters
Civil Defense Fallout Shelter sign


Good Conduct Medal Army of Occupation of Germany and Japan MedalMedal for Humane ActionNational Defense Service Medal

Antarctica Service MedalArmed Forces Expeditionary Medal Korea Defense Service MedalHumanitarian Service MedalArmed Forces Reserve Medal



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