1st Confederate States Flag; 1861 - Stars & Bars

The CS Navy
in the Civil War

1st C.S. Navy Jack; 1861
2nd Confederate States Flag; 1863 - Stainless Banner 2nd C.S. Navy Jack; 1863
3rd Confederate States Flag; 1865 - Bloodied Banner

Enlisted Sailors

No Insignia
No Insignia

Fireman, Coal-Heaver, Seaman,
Ordinary Seaman, Landsman, Boy
(Grays and Whites)
Petty Officers
(Grays and Whites)

Left Upper Sleeve:
  • Armorer
  • Captain of the Afterguard
  • Captain of the Forecastle
  • Captain of the Hold
  • Captain of the Tops
  • Cooper
  • Quarter-Gunner
  • Quartermaster
  • Ship's Corporal
Right Upper Sleeve:
  • Boatswain's Mate
  • Gunner's Mate
  • Carpenter's Mate
  • Master at Arms
  • Cook
  • Officer's Steward

  Sea Officers

Sailmaker Carpenter Gunner Boatswain Midshipman Passed







Master Lieutenant Commander Captain Flag Officer Admiral
(added in 1864)

Civil Officers
  Naval Medical Dept.  

Assistant Surgeon Passed
Assistant Surgeon
Surgeon Surgeon,
after 12 yrs svc

  Naval Pay Dept.  

Assistant Paymaster
Paymaster Paymaster,
after 12 yrs svc

Naval Engineering  


3rd Assistant
2nd Assistant
1st Assistant
Chief Engineer Chief Engineer,
after 12 yrs svc

      Naval Construction  

Naval Constructors added in 1864
Naval Constructor Naval Constructor,
after 12 yrs svc

  Other Naval Staff  

Clerk Flag Officer's
Professor Chaplain

Confederate States Navy
Confederate States Marine Corps

Shipboard setting; left to right:

CSMC Private

CSMC Lieutenant

CSMC Corporal

CSN Seaman

CSN Petty Officer

Painting - CSN + CSMC

Confederate States Navy

Aboard the CSS Alabama, 1863;
off Capetown, British Cape Colony, Southern Africa;
left to right:

Lieutenant John McIntosh Kell,
(later Commander, CSN & Adjutant General of Georgia)
First Lieutenant and
Executive Officer

Commander Raphael Semmes,
(later Rear Admiral, CSN & Brigadier General, CSA)
Ship's Captain



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