1st Confederate States Flag; 1861 - Stars & Bars

The CS Army
in the Civil War

Bonnie Blue Flag; (1810) 1861
2nd Confederate States Flag; 1863 - Stainless Banner C.S. Army Battleflag
3rd Confederate States Flag; 1865 - Bloodied Banner
Gen. Lee's Personal Headquarters Flag

Dedicated to the memory of

Sgt. T. Damson,
Company C,
1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Regt.,
Confederate States Army
CSA Artillery photo © 2006-16; Colleen MSA Ploessl



  Though it was not the reason every Southerner joined the fight in the Civil War, slavery had been a cause for north-south friction since before the founding of the United States. The southern block of colonial delegates walked out of the Continental Congress, en masse, rather than have slavery even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Many may tell you that "States' Rights" were the leading reason for the rebellion. That is like claiming a flood is caused by the levee being too low.

  Regardless of the facts and using the cover of "States' Rights", the Southern Aristocracy whipped a sectionalistic version of nationalism to a high peak. To preserve their cash flow, their leisurely way of life, and to continue the subjugation of an entire people; the wealthy and powerful convinced their neighbors that the North, embodied in Abraham Lincoln, would rob them of their freedom of self-determination.

In 1861, war finally erupted with the shelling of the Federal Post in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina.

Ft Sumter Attacked! The Nation at War!

Newspaper headlines confirmed what many had expected for years.

  The Confederate States Army was a combination of well-trained, professional soldiers; experienced militiamen; lusty adventurers; patriotic farmers; and bored ne'er-do-wells. Their rag-tag image was actually misleading. The C.S. Army regularly issued equipment and uniform replacements, but due to many reasons (not the least that many simply preferred the homespun cloth from their families) items were traded or sold almost immediately. Although, nearer the close of the war, economic pressures and inflation were causing many shortages.

  The insignia illustrated are mainly from the '1861 C.S. Army Dress Regulations'. Many noncoms and officers wore no insignia so as not to be recognizable in battle. Some noncoms simply drew their chevrons onto their sleeves or wore black or brown regardless of branch color.


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Gen Lewis Armistead and his Virginia Brigade over the wall and at the guns...

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The Southern Cross of Honor


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