U.S. Army Air Forces and Elite Units

Second World War Era

Air Force General
1937 - 42

Air Forces-
United States Army
1942 - 47

Civil Air Patrol
1942 - 44

Civil Air Patrol
1944 - 47

To avoid further confusion for U.S. anti-aircraft gunners mistaking U.S. aircraft roundels with the Japanese red sun-disc, all red was removed from U.S. aircraft in early 1942.

Army Air Forces

First Air Force
[NE Cont U.S.]
Training, Air Defense,
Antisubmarine Warfare

Second Air Force
[NW Cont U.S.]
Training, Air Defense

Third Air Force
[SE Cont U.S.]
Training, Air Defense,
Antisubmarine Warfare

Fourth Air Force
[SW Cont U.S.]
Training, Air Defense

Fifth Air Force

[Far East AF]
Philippines, Southern Pacific

Sixth Air Force
[Caribbean AF]
Panama Canal Zone

Seventh Air Force
[Hawaiian AF]
Western Pacific

Eighth Air Force
[European Theater]
Strategic Bombing-N. Europe

Ninth Air Force
[Middle East AF]
Tactical Air Support -
North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France

Tenth Air Force
[C-B-I Theater]
China, Burma, India

Eleventh Air Force
[Alaskan AF]
Aleutians, Japan

Twelfth Air Force
[Mediterranean Theater]
Fr. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,
Sicily, Italy, S. France

Thirteenth Air Force
[SW Pacific Theater]
China, Philippines, S. Pacific

Fourteenth Air Force
[China Air Task Force]
China, Burma, India

Fifteenth Air Force
[Euro-African Theater]
Strtegic Bombing-N.+ S. Europe

Twentieth Air Force

[Japan Strategic Offensive]
India, Burma, Thailand, Japan

Strategic Air Forces

[European Strategic Offensive]
Northern France, Germany

Desert Air Force
Tactical Air Support - N. Africa


Allied Air Force
Over Waters of Mediterranean

Far East Air Forces
Australia, Philippines

Distinctive right cuff insignia for AAF Technical Speialists were worn from 1943 to 1947.

Armament Specialist
[Aerial Torpedo Mechanic,
AA Machine Gunner,
Bombsight Mechanic, etc.

Communications Specialist
[Radio Operator,
Radio Mechanic, etc.]

Engineering Specialist
[Airplane Inspector,
Parachute Rigger,
Crew Chief, etc.]

Photography Specialist
[Camera Technician,
Photographic Interpreter,
Photo Lab Chief, etc.]

Weather Specialist
[Weather Forecaster,
Weather Station Chief,
Weather Observer, etc.]

Army Elite Units

These are by no means every elite unit in the Army, but a representative group.

1st Special Service Force

442d Regimental
Combat Team

474th Infantry Regt

5307th Composite Unit

Combined Operations - Amphibious Units
U.S. Army U.S. Navy British

Combat Engineers

36th Engineer
Combat Regiment

Tank Destroyer Force

Bomb Disposal





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