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(1836 - 1846)


After experimenting with dissimilar purchases in the United States, the Republic of Texas settled on uniform and cap designs
nearly identical to those worn by U.S. Army troops. The Texans, however, were more foresighted in directing that cotton-blend
jackets and white cotton trousers, instead of wool, be worn during the summer months.

Privates, Musicians, & Noncommissioned Officers
Enlisted Dress Uniform jackets of the Texas Army were dark blue. Musicians and buglers wore scarlet.
The working or fatigue uniform jackets were gray.

                      RWD PLOESSL
Infantry chevrons were worn only on the right sleeve.

                      RWD PLOESSL

                      RWD PLOESSL
Ordnance chevrons were worn only on the right sleeve.

                      RWD PLOESSL

                      RWD PLOESSL
Cavalry/Dragoons chevrons were worn on both sleeves.

                      RWD PLOESSL

The other departments of the Texas Army; General Staff, Pay and Medical Departments had no enlisted members.

Commissioned and General Officers
Officers' uniform jackets; dress, undress, and fatigue were all of dark blue.
Infantry were the elite of the Army and had insignia to denote the distinction.
All other departments wore insignia in line with that of the general officers;
Cavalry, Ordnance, General Staff, and the Pay and Medical Departments.

Commissioned Officers of Infantry
Shoulder Straps of Infantry Officers TA
                      RWD PLOESSL

Commissioned Officers of all other Departments
Shoulder Straps of all other depts of TA
                      RWD PLOESSL

General Officers
Shoulder straps of Generals of the TA
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